Turn your everyday purchases into climate action

Toco is the world’s first currency that captures carbon from the atmosphere.

How it works
Turn every payment into climate action with toco

Turn your everyday purchases into climate action

Toco is the world’s first currency that removes carbon from the atmosphere.

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It’s easy to make a difference

Every toco represents one tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. The more you use toco for your everyday money and payment needs, the more carbon you help remove from the atmosphere.

Toco is launching in Switzerland and Copenhagen
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Toco transaction screen.
Send, receive and pay in tocos.

Send, receive and pay in an instant

Transactions are quick and easy, no matter where you are sending or spending your money.

See where you can spend toco

Use it anywhere

Transfers are instant, no matter where you are - and you can use toco wherever it's accepted.

No hidden fees

Send and receive money with no hidden fees. There are no monthly fees or account fees. You only pay 1% per transaction.

You only pay 1% when you send money in tocos.
Toco verification process

Responsibly regulated

The payment network is committed to compliance and consumer protection. It supports regulatory efforts in the fight against money laundering, terrorism, and other unlawful behaviour. Every wallet goes through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process during registration to ensure the integrity of the payments platform is maintained.

Safe and secure

The network is built on blockchain technology and designed with your security in mind.

Only your passcode can access the wallet. If you lose your passcode you can recover your wallet using the 12 secret words you're given when you sign up.

Toco security. 12 secret words

You are in control

Your wallet, your money. You are the only person with access to your wallet. No one else, not a bank, financial intermediary, or the Carbon Reserve, has access to the money in your wallet.

The toco wallet
Toco stands for 1 tonne of Carbon dioxide

Money based on intrinsic value

Tocos are represented by credible verified carbon mitigation assets such as offsets, credits and avoidances. The numbers of tocos in circulation cannot increase without the supply of carbon mitigation assets increasing.

Easily request payments

Getting paid has never been easier. Send payment links or flash QR codes. You no longer have to wait for bank transfers.

Show your toco QR code to receive tocos.
How connected communities can make a difference

The more people use tocos, the more C02 is removed from the atmosphere. Here’s how:

Initiatives around the world, such as reforestation, exist to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The C02 removed or avoided from these projects can be bought and sold as carbon credits or carbon mitigation assets.

The Carbon Reserve purchases these assets and mints toco such that 1 toco = 1 tonne of carbon removed.

The more tocos circulating in communities, the more carbon mitigation assets need to be bought by the Carbon Reserve. This increased demand leads to more investment in new carbon removal initiatives.

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Safety & security

You are the only person with access to your toco wallet. There are numerous security features in the app.

Consumer protection

Toco complies with Swiss-based regulations to ensure the safety of the toco community.

How to get started

Download the toco app and signup. Verify your wallet and then you’re good to go.

The toco wallet

Be part of the solution

Toco is for people who believe we can create a better world without sacrificing either economic progress or the natural environment.

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