Money doesn't have to cost the earth.

Toco is the world’s first currency that captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It’s money as tonnes of carbon, stored in a digital wallet.

The toco wallet. This is an app that stores your digital currency.

Toco app now available to download on the South African App Store only

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Money Reimagined.
Fixing our economic model so it places a value on the environment.

For every toco in circulation, 1 tonne of carbon is removed from the atmosphere.

Tocos are minted and verified by the Carbon Reserve

The Carbon Reserve is a non profit entity that ensures that each toco in circulation is represented by verified carbon reductions on behalf of the toco community.

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The toco wallet. Toco is a currency backed by carbon mitigation assets.

Toco for me

Turn everyday purchases into climate action.
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The toco business wallet. Businesses can accept payments in tocos.

Toco for business

Take care of the planet while taking care of business.
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